Photo Contest

The SBX photo contest is back again, but we have a little twist:

Exchanges are great for dancing of course. However, they are also a prime opportunity to learn about a new city. We are excited to share Music City with you and we also want to hear about your town. So check out the new photo contest rules below:

Option 1- Take a picture near a Nashville landmark or place you enjoyed during your time here. Recreate the SBX pose (hitchhiking pose) and tell us what you like or love/ about it.

Option 2 (New)- Take a picture near a landmark or favorite place in your hometown. Recreate the SBX pose and share something you love about home.

A few more guidelines:

You can post multiple photos, but only the one with the most likes will be counted. Also, no re-posting the same photo.

Only one person in the photo will get credit for winning. Make sure to include your name and #sbxvol2 in the caption.

The Prize:

Whichever post has the most likes will earn a pass to next year’s SBX Vol. III

The contest starts now, so make your plans and get your cameras ready; be creative. We want to foster more love between scenes and we believe this is a super fun way to do it!!