Musical Guests

Marquise Knox

Born St. Louis Mo, Marquise hails from a musical family deeply rooted in the Blues. He learned how to play guitar from his grandmother Lillie. He also played with his uncle Clifford, who was a major influence in Marquise’s life. For Marquise, Blues is his heritage and  way of life. He spent his early teenage years in St. Louis mentoring under the late great Blues legend, N.E.A. Heritage Fellowship recipient and Grammy Award winner Henry James Townsend. Marquise’s talents have earned him performing rights with some of America’s most notable blues performers such as blues legends  B.B. King, Pinetop Perkins and David “Honeyboy” Edwards (the latter two also NEA Heritage Fellows). He has also performed at dozens of festivals, and has toured all throughout Europe. 

Al Holbrook and the Nashville Jam Band

Born in Dayton, Ohio, Al Holbrook has truly found his voice as an artist over the past few years, perfecting his raspy voice steeped in the blues, poured from a folk singers tea pot, creating a brand of Gritty blues/Soul that is both infectiously catchy and dirty. Al’s band will be joined by a number of Nashville blues musicians who will be playing the Saturday Afternoon Dance creating a large Nashville Jam Band playing the blues.

Moonshine Rhythm Club

Moonshine Rhythm Club brings old-school swing and jazz to life with joyful arrangements and energetic playing that makes this vintage music sound like it was written this morning. The boys seek out deep cuts from the 30s and 40s, take their favorite parts from classic big band recordings, and distill them into their signature sound. That sound draws on the guitar-driven, acoustic fire of gypsy jazz, as well as the slow burn and laid-back groove of later artists like Count Basie and Nat “King” Cole. On top of this lays classy and hip vocals with a lighthearted humor

Joshua Fialkoff Band

Joshua Fialkoff grew up plunking away on a dusty old piano, imbibing the soulful melodies of Ray Charles, Jim Croce, Van Morrison, Louis Armstrong, and Ella Fitzgerald. For 20 years, his passion for music grew in fits and starts. Throughout those decades, he toured the US to play music for Swing and Blues dancers, attended music school, and wrote the occasional melody. One day, he sat down at that same piano, dusted off the memories of a childhood filled with rich music, and discovered a yearning to create and share his own music that could no longer be held at bay.

Now, after 5 years as leader and frontman of Downtown Shimmy, Joshua has split off to redefine himself and his art. In the works is a solo EP that combines his powerful vocals, artfully picked guitar, and unique piano stylings – a veritable gumbo of roots piano flavors. The album showcases Joshua’s depth as a songwriter with a bounty of new music, from the chilling “Oh Fortunate One”, a thoughtful look into privilege, to the lighthearted “I’ve Got a Letter”, a joyous celebration of getting real, old-fashioned mail.

Dante Zapata

Dante has been playing and performing  since childhood in the ever growing city of McMinnville, OR. He is first and foremost a Blues and Soul musician, but he’s also known for playing anything from folk to gospel to reggae. When Dante is not performing, he regularly enjoys dancing, painting, and working on his family’s farm.

” I grew up playing music with my older brother Andre. He was naturally drawn and gifted with guitar. Me, I was into the drums, big time. I practically drove my parents crazy banging on anything and everything around the house. For the sake of saving her dishware and furniture, my mother got me a drum set when I was about 13. My brother and I began exploring playing music together, teaching each other the language of music. We’re both self taught musicians, never had a lesson except for the Cd’s we listened to and the things we shared with each other.

Juke Joint Revival

Juke Joint Revival was formed by long time friends Jeff Sharlow and Rodney Henderson in January 2013. Their roots in the blues run as deep as the muddy Mississippi River itself. Influences from Buddy Guy, BB King, Freddie King, Larry Mcray Robert Johnson to the Allman Brothers, help create the sound of JJR. So get out your mojo and head on down to the Juke Joint for some Revival!