Invitational Mix’n’Match

We’ve invited some of the best competitors from around the world to throw down in Nashville. They will be competing in either lead or follow and randomly paired with another dancer of the opposite role. Be sure to see them compete at the Saturday Main Dance.

Run The Hill Solo Battle

We are launching a brand new solo competition at SBX this year. This will feel familiar to Solo Cuttin’ contests you’ve done before except there’s a huge twist in the finals. Win and you stay in. Competitors keep coming in to challenge you. Whoever wins the most face-offs when time is up wins the entire thing. Check out our comprehensive rules in the Run The Hill section.

Photo Contest

Love taking photos? Want to explore Nashville? Want to rep your home scene? Want to win a free pass to next year? Our infamous photo contest is back this year with a twist. Check out the details here and look at some of our past winners!!